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wireless QR Code Scanner | Xincode X-760
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X-760 QR Code Barcode Scanner

Read all standard 1D and 2D(QR CODE,PDF417,DATE MATRIX)

Read Barcode even on electronic screen,Can be used for mobile payments

Scan rate: Up to 300 scans/second

USB/KB/COM Supported

Plug and play

Compatible with Android, windows, and IOS systems

Soft cover


products detail

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Light source White LED
Sighting device Red LED, 167nm
Indicator light Green for decoding success; Red for decoding failure
Interface USB/RS232
Scanning speed 150scans/sec
Scanning type Image
Scanning angle Elevation angle±70°,Inclination angle±60°,Rotation angle±180°
Recognizable printing contrast Minimum 30% contrast
Decoding capacity Standard 1D and qr barcodes
Dememtion(L*W*H) 165mm*70mm*98mm
Weight 137g(not including the cable)
Housing material ABS+PC+TPU
Color Black/White/Yellow
Input voltage 4~5.5V DC
Operating power 2W; 400mA @5V–typical value
Standby power 0.45W; 90mA @5V–typical value
DC power supply Class 2; 5.2VDC @ 1A
EMC EN55022, EN55024, Class B
LED safety certificate IEC62471
CB IEC60950
Certificate CE, FCC, FDA, RoHS
Working temperature 0°C ~40°C
Storage temperature -40°C ~ 60°C
Humidity 5%-95% relative humidity, not condensation state
Illumination 0~100,000LUX
Shock resistance Can bear the shock dropping from 2 meters height to the concrete surface
Dust proof Seal up to prevent dust
IP level IP54
Electrostatic protection 15kv
Barcode density Depth of scanning field
5 mil Code39 33~95mm (1.3~3.7 in.)
13 mil UPC-A 32~255mm (1.3~10.0 in.)
20 mil Code39 35~355mm (1.4~14.0 in.)
6.7 mil PDF417 30~95mm (1.2~3.7 in.)
10 mil Data Matrix 30~100mm (1.2~3.9 in.)
15 mil Data Matrix 21~162mm (0.8~6.4 in.)
20 mil QR 23~200mm (0.9~7.9 in.)
Resolution 4mil
Tolerance 100mm/sec 13mil UPC