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GT-8800 Desktop 2D Image Barcode Scanner
stable housing design barcode scanner

GT-8800 Desktop 2D Image Barcode Scanner

  • Brand name:XINMA
  • Product name:Desktop 1D Image Barcode Scanner
  • 1500scans/sec Scanning Speed
  • Stable Housing Design
  • Read All Standard 1D Bar Codes
  • Auto Scanning
  • Traditional Durable Interface
  • USB/KB/COM Supported
  • 20-line Omni Directional

products detail

Technical Parameters

Light Source White LED
Sighting Device Red LED, 617nm
Indicator Green=decoding successfully
Interface USB
Scanning Type Image
Scanning Angle Angle of pitch ±70°, Angle of inclination ±60°, Rotation ±180°
Discernible Printing Contrast Minimum 30% contrast
Decoding Capability All standard 1D barcode
Input Voltage 4 ~ 5.5 V DC
Operating Power 2W; 400mA @ 5V-typical value
Standby Power 0.45W; 90mA @ 5V-typical value
DC Power Class2;DC5V/1A
EMC EN55022, EN55024 Class B
LED Safety Certificate IEC62471
C B IEC60950
Other Certificate GOST-R, CE
Operating Temperature 0°C - 40°C
Storage Temperature -40°C - 60°C
Humidity 5%~95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Light Level 0 - 100,000LUX
Shock Resistance Designed to withstand1.5 meters drop on concrete surface
Dust Proof Seal to prevent air dust
IP Level Ip54
Bar Code Density Depth of field
5 mil Code39 33 - 95 mm (1.3 - 3.7 in.)
13 mil UPC-A 32 - 255 mm (1.3 - 10.0 in.)
20 mil Code 39 35 - 355 mm (1.4 - 14.0 in.)
10mil Data Matrix 30 - 100 mm (1.2 - 3.9 in.)
15mil Data Matrix 21 -162 mm (0.8 -6.4 in.)
Resolution 4 mil
Tolerance 100mm/sec 13 mil UPC