How to choose

How to Choose
Barcode scanners can be divided into laser based, CCD based and image based. Laser based barcode scanners work by reflecting lasers through a series of lenses and mirrors to read the barcode. Laser barcode scanners have a longer scanning distance compared to CCD barcode scanners. They are widely used in supermarkets, logistics, warehouse, etc. Traditional CCD barcode scanners need to be close to the barcode then can make a good read. Now we have a new type of CCD barcode scanner that has a long scanning distance as the laser one and also has an imager inside. It can also read 1d barcodes on electronic screens. That makes the CCD barcode scanner which we call X-9700, totally different from the traditional one. Image based barcode scanners work by using a small camera to capture barcodes in a digital format. Barcodes will be scanned into a computer for processing and interpreted. Image barcode scanners have less moving parts than the laser one, which provides less probability of damage from a drop or accidental impact. 
After introducing the types of barcode scanners, now we talk about how to choose the right barcode scanner. First, what kind of barcodes you are going to scan (1D/2D)? Second, do you work far away from the device (that means a wireless barcode scanner may be a better choice)? Third, what's your requirement about the scanning speed, scanning field and scanning distance (this is about the performance or function you want)? Forth, what's your budget? These are the basic question you need to make it clear before buying. Of course, you can contact our sales if you can't make a decision to choose which one. We're glad to offer pre-sale services.
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